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Smiling faces of our clients is a result of a good work of anastasiaweb fraud protection team.
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Smiling faces of our clients is a result of a good work of Anastasia International fraud protection team.

Today Anastasia International is the industry leader with over 15,000 current women members, 85 full-time employees in the US and Russia, years of nation-wide advertising, the industry's only full-time office in Moscow, Russia and representatives in most major cities of the former USSR. Anastasia International has been in business since 1993 and has conducted over 100 successful group tours to Russia and Ukraine. Whether you are traveling to Russia with us, or just buying a few addresses, Anastasia International is dedicated to making your Russian experience as enjoyable and hassle free as possible.You may read Anastasia International stories of successful marriages at "recent marriages" section of our site.                           Smiling faces of our clients is a result of a good work of Anastasia International fraud protection team.

The Anastasia customer service staff receive about 150 emails from our clients daily. We have decided to create a special website dedicated to our clients' opinions about Anastasia services, testimonials of those who have found their soul mates, impressions of our tour clients. The website contains 4 sections, accordingly: Web Services, Recent Marriages, Dating Tours, and Tour Videos.

The Web Services section is in a way a fraternal twin of the Anastasia Date site: they look different, but essentially, they describe the same things from a slightly different angle. Here, Anastasia clients comment on translation services and conference phone calls, scam protection, flower delivery and problem solving skills of our staff; one more common reason for writing to Anastasia support personnel is to ask for removal from the Anastasia International system because the client feels he or she has found a partner within the system. These letters are something we are truly proud of, as they are proof that Anastasia International is fulfilling its company mission.

The Recent Marriages section is a logical continuation of the previous one: it contains information about former Anastasia International clients who got acquainted with our help and decided to stay together. It exists thanks to those people who send in their stories and photos, and thanks to Anastasia affiliate agencies in various cities that share the happiness of their clients with us. Most of the stories have a similar scenario behind them, as you could easily imagine, yet many of those accounts have vivid details and interesting narrations about life abroad that are a lot of fun to read, even if you are not an Anastasia International client yet!

Dating tours section is dedicated to the client's impressions about Anastasia International tours.
Smiling faces of our clients is a result of a good work of Anastasia International fraud protection team.As for the Dating Tours section, it concerns the famous Anastasia International tours held in cities of major tourist and leisure interest. These cities include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk, as well as other towns that can boast of hundreds pretty ladies willing to come to Anastasia socials. The unique Anastasia International system of holding socials in two tour cities for the price of one (with the two cities situated relatively close by, to facilitate transportation) makes your chances of meeting a soul mate soar! Anastasia clients agree: apart from the wonderful dating and flirting essence of meeting many beautiful women, the Anastasia International tours also rank high in quality of accommodation, excursions, and of course staff assistance! The names in the Tours section are all familiar to us, for we have fond memories of each customer.

Finally, the Tour Videos section is a living proof of what exactly goes on at Anastasia International tours just in case you are not sure what the atmosphere is like. These pieces of recorded Anastasia International client testimonials are something that cannot be faked, and are something that only a company with happy clients could afford. Anastasia International is one of the few Introduction and Romance Tour companies that lets everyone, not just its members, view the whole process from inside with the eyes of witnesses and participants.

Ultimately, Anastasia International clients face rough going sometimes: love and friendship affairs are always problematic. That's the way the world wags, and we receive both complaints and positive feedback from our clients. We consider our clients' comments very important, for at Anastasia International we realize that "word of mouth" is our most important form of advertising. Thousands of men and women join the Anastasia International program every year after learning about us from our successful former clients.

Here at Anastasia International you are always welcome to come and talk toWarm welcome at Anastasia International socials.
 Smiling faces of our clients is a result of a good work of Anastasia International fraud protection team. us, if you have some issue you want to clarify or if you simply want to know more about the services Anastasia International offers. For those of you that have never been to the great state of Maine, wait no longer; now you have the perfect excuse - the American office of Anastasia is situated there. Come and meet our friendly staff and enjoy our beautiful little city, which has some of the best-preserved examples of classic 19th Century New England Architecture to be found anywhere. Anastasia International is only a short drive from the world famous Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island, so do yourself a favor and come say hello! As for the Moscow Anastasia office, it is situated not far from two major metro stations, but if you have any problems with getting there, just call there is always plenty of English-speaking Anastasia International staff available until late evening!

One important thing that Anastasia International sees as its first priority is scam protection. Whatever efforts we make to provide quality customer service, they would all prove useless if we didnt emphasize scam fighting. To put the scale of the problem in perspective, Anastasia International has roughly 600,000 pieces of email moving through our system every week. Anastasia International gets 20-30 complaints about suspicious activity a week; and about half of those cases turn out to be misunderstandings or gentlemen having unrealistic expectations about the system and how it works. However, no other agency apart from Anastasia International comprehensively confirms the identity of each and every woman on their site. Every other agency in this industry, including the major competitors of Anastasia International, relies on the local agencies to confirm the ladies' identities.

A few other things that Anastasia International does to advance fraud protection is allocating special staff teams for spot-checking correspondence, investigating all suspicious cases and refunding clients money if scam is detected, taking appropriate action against abuser agencies and women, and many other things. The Anastasia International Antiscam team is our own police: its work involves a lot of responsibility and tact, and sometimes decisive action. Like the police, they are a very respected part of the Anastasia International personnel, and like the police, they need a lot of cooperation on the side of Anastasia International clients in order to succeed.

The main reason Anastasia International has enjoyed so much success is because our approach is honest, straightforward, and most importantly, gets results. Here you will find hundreds of examples from real lives of real people. These are stories of married couples, impressions of tours, general comments and advice, warm Christmas congratulations, letters full of details and just short "Thank you"- messages.

Smiling faces of our clients is a result of a good work of anastasiaweb fraud protection team.
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